Solar Thin Films, Inc.


Exhibit 10.3

                                 Default Notice

                                                                November 5, 2003


Robert Rubin, individually
And as President, CEO and Chairman of
American United Global, Inc.
25 Highland Blvd.
Dix Hills, New York  11756

              Re:      Default under Closing Agreement dated June 16, 2003
                       Default under Standstill Agreement dated October 23, 2003

Dear Bob:

     Reference is made to that certain  Closing  Agreement  dated as of June 16,
2003 (the "Closing  Agreement"),  among American United Global,  Inc.  ("AUGI"),
Tracy  Landow,   Redwood  Investments   Associates,   L.P.  a  Delaware  limited
partnership  (Redwood),  myself  and  others and a  standstill  Agreement  dated
October 23, 2003 between  AUGI,  Tracy Landow,  Redwood and myself.  Capitalized
terms not otherwise  defined in this letter shall have the meanings  assigned to
such terms in the Closing Agreement.

     The outstanding principal balance of the Landow Note exceeded $1,000,000 on
October 17, 2003 constituting a Default Event under the Closing Agreement, which
provides  that in such event the Sale of NYMI may be  requested by me. Under the
Standstill Agreement, I agreed not to request the Sale of NYMI until 5:01 PM EST
on October 31, 2003 at which time all Payment Events would have been required to
be consummated.

     Let this letter serve as notice that a Default Event existed on October 31,
2003 at 5:01 PM EST and continues.  I hereby  exercise my rights under Section 4
of the  Closing  Agreement  to  request  the Sale of NYMI.  This  letter  is not
intended  and  should  not be  construed  as a waiver  of any of my  rights  and
entitlements  as  otherwise  provided  for  in the  Closing  Agreement  and  the
Standstill Agreement.

                                                      Sincerely yours,

                                                      /s/ Jonathan S. Landow
                                                      Jonathan S. Landow, M.D.
                                                      President and CEO
                                                      New York Medical, Inc.

cc:      Steven Weiss, Esq.
         Gersten, Savage, Kaplowitz, Wolf & Marcus, LLP
         Fax 212 980-5192